Adelaide, 15 July 2019

Following on from the first FAME Day in 2018, Raptor Domain has again hosted another successful FAME Day on Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island is home to many of Australia’s most endangered species. The Glossy Black Cockatoo, the Bassian Thrush, the Kangaroo Island Dunnart, the Australian Sea Lion and Rosenberg’s Goanna, just to name a few.

On Saturday 13 July, visitors to Raptor Domain were treated to Raptor Domain’s community initiative, including expert representatives from Natural Resources Kangaroo Island, Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, South Coast Environment Centre and Dolphin Watch, all on hand to discuss and raise awareness about the Island’s endangered species.

Profits from ticket sales on the day to Raptor Domain’s in-flight bird shows were generously donated to FAME. During the final show, a substantial cheque of just over $1,400 was presented by the Kangaroo Island Commissioner, Ms Wendy Campana, to FAME Board Director, Mr Bruce Jackson.

“It’s starting to sink in. We must act as a community to save any more of our native species from extinction,” said Raptor Domain’s Leeza Irwin, “Each and every one of us can contribute in some way. FAME Day has been a wonderful opportunity to continue to get the message out there.”

“The Foundation is very humbled by the generosity of Raptor Domain. Anyone can make a donation, but what’s special about this initiative is that it involves the community. It gets people talking and starts conversations about what’s going on, because there is certainly a crisis out there for many of our native species,” commented FAME CEO, Mrs Tracy McNamara.

We can’t wait for FAME Day 2020.

To make a donation or to find out more about FAME, its current projects and its commitment to saving Australian endangered species, visit

Further information:
Tracy McNamara
CEO FAME + 61 411 446 924

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